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Welcome to Cami's Corner. Camryn is a young girl who loves to inspire other kids about the great outdoors. Each week on season 10 of Innerlocs Out-There Camryn will give safety tips on shooting firearms and airguns. Each episode Camryn will share a message for youngsters, to help educate and promote our shooting heritage. At the end of each segment Camryn will giveaway one Umarex USA NXG APX airgun, and a pack of Big Blast Caps, to a great kid. To win an airgun, you must enter a photo of a youngster under the age of 16, enjoying the wonderful great outdoors. If choosen the parent will have to sign a waiver in order for the prizes to be shipped and the photo used on the 2018 airing of Innerlocs Out-There TV.

See Rules below

12 Children will be picked to win. These 12 kids will than qualify to win the Umarex Ultimate package, that will be given away on the final episode of Innerlocs Out-There.  Each child will win an Umarex NXG airgun along with a pack of Big Blast caps for being chossen.  A Parent or Guardian over the age of 17 must sign a waiver for their childs photo in order for Innerlocs Out-There to use the picture on the show, and to be qualified to win. Pictures may be emailed or sent in on Camis Corner Facebook page. 


                                          UMAREX NXG





The Next Generation APX from Umarex USA is the genesis of modern youth air rifles. It redefines the standard of airguns designed for younger and small-framed shooters with a multitude of modern-day features that includes an automatic safety-a feature never before seen on a pneumatic rifle of this type.

The dual ammunition APX features a progressive stock design that's ergonomic, modern and impact resistant. Its grip is designed with a narrow curve that's comfortable for shooters with smaller hands creating better control and a safer shooting environment. Its multi-pump action and easy-load pellet ramp is easy to use for right or left-handed shooters and it deploys alloy projectiles up to a velocity of 800 feet per second at maximum air charge.

The adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight protected by its sleek muzzle brake allows you to quickly zero in on your intended target when shooting either pellets or steel BBs. Mounting a scope to the APX is easy with its integrated tactical-style scope mounting rail system-another first in youth air rifles that provides a positive lock down to keep a scope on zero. All of these features combine to make shooting the Umarex Next Generation APX a target-busting experience for shooters of many ages.

' First in its class with an Auto Safety!

' EZ-Load Pellet Ramp

' Strong, Impact Resistant Stock

' Integrated Rail for Easy Scope Mounting



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