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 "Innerlocs" Growing Up Out There is an online based TV program designed to entertain, educate and fullfill the online viewers need for  outdoor TV that is not based on size of animals, egos or charachters. The concept of the show is based off of Innerloc's Out There which is a TV show based off of Corey Brossman's   journey across the country  that has appeared on networks for years. During the past 10 years Coreys family has grown up around the Hunting TV industry. The idea of passing not only the outdoor heritage to both of his kids but the entire lifestyle struck the idea to pursue an outdoor tv show based on Growing Up in the Out There household. Young Camryn Brossman has travled the country filling tags with her father since she was 4 years old. Now years later, she has the oppurtunity to help produce an entire TV program with her father. As Brody, the youngest member of the family,  becomes older he to will follow in both footsteps enjoyong  Growing Up Out There. For now Corey and Camryn will WOW you as they bring you episodes from across the country. The show promises to have the same ups and downs as Innerlocs Out-There as well as the quality of programming. 

Episode 2 "170 Reasons to keep hunting"


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